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User Review

Rj_4000's review - Magix Digital DJ

I needed some background music for a barbecue followed by a concert.

I was looking for an app that would allow me to introduce a playlist and handles himself in the mix.
Obviously, it can do that.
The "analysis" and "recommendation" is nice too.

Need Extra ASIO driver to pass the tracks of 2 decks (+ the preview) in different channels of the mixer used for the concert (Yamaha DM1000). Small detail: the interface card (MY16-Audinate AUD) only accepts 48kHz (not 44.1kHz of all CDs ...). Not a problem here!

PC: laptop HP Elitebook 8730W 2x2.8GHz Windows 7 / 64 bit 2GB RAM ...


See below


Installed without problem. Setup is easy and intuitive.


I bought two days ago!
This is my first app "DJ".

I had very little time to familiarize myself with the interface but it worked nickel!

Dazns Overall, the mixing capabilities are impressive!

There's many details qq (slightly) annoying:
For example, I usually start the sound by pressing the space bar (this is the case in the style apps Wavelab, Reaper etc..), Which does not work here.
Also, I find that the selection of pieces and the formation of the library and publishing it could be more intuitive ...
And, for that matter, I would like the EQ settings are reset to 0 when you double-click the cursor ...
Ah yes, so when I tried to close the app, there's the selection windows directory that are hidden behind and I could not ... noted before (Annoying when you want smith Reaper to record the concert.)
Finally, the "analysis" ... Why her reanalysis of the tracks she has already discussed before? There's probably something ...

But hey, I confess, I nitpick: Overall, this app really impressed me! Especially for the price.

And the sound? Ben on a sound system for 600 people, this hard! Well, it has little to do with the app, I confess. ;-)

Well, let's be clear (this is the case to say): this app is just a tool. He will never fully replace a DJ pro to really "set fire" in a box!
(But it could very well use this app to do it ... with its jurisdiction over).
But for a little background music while you do serious things (like eating after installing the sound and balance, and before the concert), it makes the taf. And that, it is worth 30 zeuros! ;-)

More seriously, the possibilities of soft, beyond automatic mixing, seem interesting enough to permit or at least greatly facilitate the work of DJs, both amateur and pro.
But not DJ myself, take this advice for what it is ...