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The ideal travel solution... (SKB - Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U)

By loudfunk, 16/02/2012
Studio Flyer 4U is a four space rack with lap top compartment on top. They also make a 2 U version with lap top compartment that is likely small enough to be used as carry-on luggage.
This one is definitely too large for carry on. Then again it has TSA locks, meaning you can check it lock, and the TSA can rifle through it and lock it again.
Unlike conventional racks where the doors are held in place my the latches this one locks the doors into place my way of the lid that covers the lap top compartment (hinged on one side, latched on the other).
Take off the lock, or for that matter when you use it sans lap top, lift the top and take off the doors.

It's made out of molded plastic and seems sturdy enough. Weighs less than a regular wood rack, especially less than a regular shock mount wood rack. However it still is fairly heavy and you can get over the 50 lbs. baggage allowance for air travel real quick.

Downsides...if you stick anything in it that has handles on the face plate the door will not close. The rack rails aren't as far recessed as on a shock mount and this is a common problem. Means you will have to make a trip to the hardware store to buy nuts and bolts thew replace the efx unit's handles and secure the face plate again.

Also there is no way to secure the power supply on the back.
And before I forget there is reach through holes that let you leave the lap top connected.
I strongly advise this for any mobile studio or DJ, if you need a lap top and some rack mount gear, such as audio interface, etc... this is a must have.

Protect your gear (SKB - Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U)

By JimboSpins, 05/11/2012
The SKB Studio Flyer 4U is a rack case that has 4 rack spaces. It comes with a handle on the side that makes it easy to carry and a cover that you can take off. There are also clips on it that are used to hold your laptop. Being a DJ I was in dire need of a portable unit that had rack spaces and a space on the top of it for my MacBook. I was looking at many different units that were very similar to the SKB Studio Flyer 4U. I ended up getting another one; returned it a week later and turned around and got this unit by SKB.
The unit is very well built and will protect all of your modules from any damage while it is set up or during transporting it from one place to another. It is so easy to rack your modules and then transport them with the SKB Studio Flyer 4U. Once you put the cover over it you just slide out the handle like you would on a carry on suitcase and then you can wheel it out just like you would a suitcase. This unit without anything in it only weighs 20 pounds or so and when you put your gear in it, it won’t weigh much more than that. The case is made out of polyethylene; it is a great material to have for this case because it will keep your gear safe from moisture or spills.
The 4U is a great rack and it is one of the best investments that I have made for my rig and set up. I travel to DJ so much and the SKB Studio Flyer 4U has helped me out in a lot of ways. It has made protecting my gear and transporting my gear safe and easy.

dj-scorpio's review (Magma Bags - cd-case 140)

By dj-scorpio, 11/08/2006
I have reu today they are pretty appearance but will stop there, they are very very fragile lintrieur is that three separators must be placed in grooves to davoir 4 ranges, the problem is that if this principle follows lon 4 rows of cd do not fit because the First has too many games between cd and sparateur the ranks 2nd has a bit less for the 3rd must be forced to introduce a bit cd and then ranks the 4th one can not even to only 1 cd because it lacks at least 5 mm, in terms of the cover to close it must force because the foam which is the lintrieur is too thick, over the 4 corners of the lid sembotent not with the 4 corners of its base when it closed after a poor finish, and finally last Business detail if the bag is full of cd it is important not to carry it by the wrist as it could pass through, this price jaurai the better to make them myself.

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