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Video and Audio mixing (DVJ-1000)

By JimboSpins, 25/03/2013
The Pioneer DVJ-1000 is a turntable console that has a high price tag on it. But it is well worth the money spent. I have used for about 6 sets so far and I love how easy it is to use and even more importantly it is reliable. Using this unit to create visuals to my set was a huge plus. You can use this to perform audio sets and mix in video effects with it as well. With most of the clubs that I was working in having monitor set up for visuals this unit was a must!
Using video with your audio is something that you will need to practice with and a unit like this does not come cheap. I do no recommend getting this unless you are serious about permanently adding visuals. It cost way to much just to only have access to video monitors on limited occasions. It will take a lot of practice to work with both mixing audio and video with the DVJ 1000 and the manual will only take you so far.
The build and make up of this unit is very solid. All of the materials are very solid and nothing at all is cheap. The video and audio output is very good, and at a high quality. The on screen display will show you track numbers and content on DVD’s as well as MP3’s or whatever source you are using to bring into it. The screen colors are not very bright and dynamic though and it is nothing like using a computer screen.
The sound quality is something that I think cannot be replicated with this unit. No matter where you are pulling your audio from, if it is running through the DVJ-1000 you can guarantee a high quality output of audio. All of the knobs and buttons on this unit are made well and the platter has an excellent feel. It is by far the best feeling platter that I have ever used for a portable unit.

A less expansive CDJ2000 :) (XDJ-1000)

By XtAzZy, 25/04/2016
Everytime market leader Pioneer releases a DJ player, we’re back into the same endless debates going back and forth... Well, I won’t feed that trend and try to give you my opinion, as neutral as possible :)

A DJ for the last 15 years, I’ve used many CD players in the past, from a big, 19” player (Audiophony CD 1220) to flat ones (Denon DNS-3500, then a CDJ-1000 Mk3 for the last… 6 to 8 years). I generally do 50 performances a year.

Let’s get into the context: a satisfied user of my CDJ-1000Mk3/Serato combination for years now, I couldn’t help being more than tempted by the CDJ-2000. Problem is, even with a rather important number of shows a year I couldn’t afford one of these at $1800 (a little lower now). Very disappointed by the CDJ-800 years ago, I wouldn’t even consider lower-end models from the same brand (CDJ-850 / CDJ-900), first because of their manufacturing quality, and also due to their features (I don’t care about an autoloop or loop divide, but hot cues :8O: can be useful :p).

Don’t even mention controllers, makes me want to puke: a big, low-end plasticky thing with a lot of controls and lit up as a Christmas tree with professional-looking features that you actually never use in a live situation

All in all, when I saw this model Pioneer had released I wasn’t deterred by the USB-only mode (other manufacturers had done that long before), especially since my CDF weren’t fed by much else than Serato timecoded CDs. A bit circumspect about the touchscreen, I thought “let’s buy one to try it, and resell it at a good price if something’s wrong” :) .

After a few weeks testing it in my living room, here’s my opinion on it: a real killer! Nothing to be critical of, I can’t compare with the CDJ-2000NXS’s USB part for I never used it but the software’s ergonomics seems quite close.
Touchscreen is very responsive, sound quality is flawless. Very satisfying! After thatn you have to get used to Rekordbox, which doesn’t work the same as Serato SL / DJ but hopefully I won’t have to keep the computer in front of me while mixing as all controls can directly be accessed on the player (thanks for that, Pioneer!).
Plus, getting back my loops and cues makes things easier!

OK, there are still a few cons:
- platter is not backlit
- no “pitch reset” control
- a lot of things can be done to the loops using the touchscreen, but to leave the loop jou have to use the “exit loop” control above the jog – so you tend to look everywhere for that control at the beginning :p
- the JOG’s resistance can’t be set (but it’s still rather soft)

As for its pros, value-for-money is quite good, even if Pioneer is making a nice margin and incites to use Rekordbox.

If you have a CDJ-2000 (either a Nexus or not), skip this one. If you’re still using a CDJ-800/1000 like I did, perhaps this one’s worth the investment! ;)

News DJ CD Players Pioneer

Pioneer launches the first USB-only DJ Player

Published on 11/13/14
With the XDJ-1000, Pioneer removes CDs from the DJ setup so they’ll mix only songs stored on a USB drive.

New Pioneer CDJ-900NXS player

Published on 11/20/13

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