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User Review

hugo54's review - Behringer Tweakalizer DFX69

Value For Money : Excellent
We will not go back on it, already a topic again and again ...
I wish, however, a notch filter and an adjustable Q for the filter.


The use poses no problem, everything is simple and seems fairly obvious, the manual, as always with Behr, is very clear and user friendly.
The buttons to vary the LFO are not very big, but one gets used to it.


Well, that's where I'll be longer, I will combine sound quality and overall quality of this box.

First, since it is new, the gain spit, no big deal we do not use it very often, but ...

The effects are fun ... voila! There's something for his money, and I'll never party with (quoique. ..) but my room is perfect for fun!

The scratch as the sampler are gadgets, but to tweak, not bad. The low-cut filter is not bad I think, but the band pass and low pass are much worse I think.

The delay is classic, but I find the flanger quite successful, with sounds that I like, and not found elsewhere (in my opinion!).

Do not abuse course on music, but plugged into a synthesizer, I think he is doing very well, and even used to the extreme, the resulting sound is of course completely distorted, but still usable.

At the finish, that's where it coince.Le jog to look right, and pretty solid, but the plastic shell is thinner than my bottle of crystal clear, as are the knobs that inspire me that medium confidence ...

on the other hand after a year and a half "normal" use, I began to have some bugs, the camera blocking ...
I take it apart and ... ouch ... hot glued to the radiator integrated circuits ... not so terrible ... he suffered overheating.
Today, the problem is solved, the upper is enhanced with spacers, and the circuit is separated from the radiator by a metal plate, leaving a vent on the side.

In short, fun effects, but not really terrible finish ...


I will not reopen the debate Behringer, but I must admit that at my age (16 years) I have nothing to complain about.

This product, I paid 100 euros ... what to expect? I have made repairs that do not cost me, and it works again ... effects than enough for fun, and can even be used (low dose anyway!) in the evening.

For those who spit on our beloved Bérangère, I want to tell them if you do not please do not buy! But I use many products and no equals their brand value ... and remember that their products have forced the more expensive brands to lower their tariffs ;-) (I digress a bit I think!)

In conclusion, I have never regretted this purchase, it will last as long as it lasts, but for now, I'm having with, and most importantly I think ;-)