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Drawmer announces the EDeMulator pedal

Drawmer will open today pre-orders for EDeMulator, its first effect pedal designed specifically for DJs.

The EDeMulator is designed to fill the silences or hide the sync issues DJs can sometimes experience during their mix.

Drawmer has designed for them a multi-effect pedal that allows them to react quickly to any accidental problem by giving them the opportunity to stomp a pedal and launch a special effect. EDeMulator can also be used when DJs chat for too long.

The pedal features three knobs for Wob (from Wob to Wab), bass canon intensity (can go to ear bleeding, use with caution), and Skrilevel (from zero to nero). A large Bass Drop pot allows for adjusting the effect (from Wait to Getting Faster and Eargasm) and four Focus, Speed, Quality and Noise switches are including, along with two Auto Song buttons. Of course, the pedal ships with a wide collection of presets.

Last, the pedal offers several jacks, right and left basement jacks and even a body jack.

No information regarding the price or availability of EDeMulator. Here’s the picture of the pedal: