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User Review

tagj3r's review - Korg Kaoss Pad 3 KP3

Everything has already been said about it: good effects, number, intelligently classified, 6 batteries (mostly loops), and a 10aine synths (controllable from the KP but also via midi).
In stereo sound (from end to end: stereo inputs, stereo outputs).

I personally use it on a mixer or directly behind an instrument, so I would have preferred I / O jack rather than RCA but it's still a detail.


The manual is useless, the beast is very intuitive!

Everything happens very simply, this is where we look for and what is under the fingers. No menu extension, everything is accessible.

You can even connect what you want to trigger midi effects.

(PS: Well I confess, I can not remember the manipulation to realign the sampled loops back to the rhythm ... but whenever I go back mn small manual I say "oh yes it is true, that makes sense ")


DJ effects are typed (that is to say, to me they sound even better on the overall mix on a particular instrument).

I use it mainly on my mix as well, but also live in groups (I put our instrumentals in a mixer and I send all the Kaoss Pad, which re-enters a portion of the console).

Finally, I also used to play alone, usually in my ass piano (Nord Stage Ex). It usually starts with a drum loop of Kaoss, I add a bass line on the piano, then a layer of Wurlitzer to fill, and then I keep the fourth "track" to save the Kaoss stuff voice. By turning you say "go, just 5 min." 2h after you're still trying to have fun.

Sup detail: the stereo makes it very very well.


I use it for more than 2 years. As it was not really a direct competitor I tried other models in the range (KP1, KP2, and miniKP KPQuad), but this is by far my favorite!

The value is a safe bet, and I will not have to redo this choice because I do not divide them. Moreover, secondhand, we see not the masses. Proof that once there, you do not let go.