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User Review

Folow's review - Korg Kaoss Pad 3 KP3

effects are kind of live with flanger, cutoff, reverbs, delays, synths, ... in direct control with the touch pad.

The KP3 is fully editable via the PC via USB. I work on a PC, the software comes with the KP3.
USB connection, inputs and outputs connctiques in Stereo RCA jacks afternoon ...

Digital technology.


Configuration is very simple, we take care of quickly,
the manual is not clear enough in my opinion and it is better to directly test, it is much more meaningful.
The best is to go on forums, watch videos on the web.
the craft has tips so there is plenty to do (see the videos on the web, there are really hyper users point).
The edition of the sounds is not necessarily so easy but let me explain: the effects are very easy to call and play, but then to set up the effects or controls pushed it gets harder and a little better through the pc.


Effective hyper effects of live, and plugant a table and sending what you want dedant see a group that makes nice stuff!

Personal the KP3 is rather dedicated DJing but I took it for a little game live on various intrusions. I play with synth and guitar but this one is with the synths I use the most. I used short loop sequencer. I shipment of 1 4 loop dedant that turn and I improvise on it. kiffant fast and hyper, it can make improvisations in 1 minute, comprehensive, and effects to vary ... it is very effective but it can not make an evening of it either but it's a small effect!
I have a kronos and M3


I've had one year?
I tested it in the store before choosing but choose between effect type or mpc or another.

I love the fact to control the effects live and have tracks repeatedly.

I do not like the difficulty of callage tracks them (sometimes gaps of time measurement), and made up for it, and the fact that the loops are short obbligatoirement.

With the experience I remake this choice ... I really do not see any other type of gear for this purpose at this price.