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User Review

Nice - Reviews AKG K518 LE

I have a few years. It allowed me to wedge my vinyl at parties (small pals). To walk with my music without worrying if drops of water were damaging it, considering the price ...

I love:
- The price
- Its comfort
- It is not ugly

I do not like:
- Its too short cable
- The soundstage does not allow me to work my songs

With experience, you do again this choice?
The value level, I have no complaints. I just got what it deserved award. While purchasing I was a student, the seller told me the Sennheiser HD25 that I found too expensive for me at this time and less comfortable. Ben finally in two weeks I'm going to buy these HD25.
I do not recommend for listening in urban areas, but it is not really made to work seriously with.

In what context do you use these headphones (house, club, etc.)?
On public roads, and to mix at home.

Do you find it tiring during extended wear (headband too tight, holding warm ear ...)?
A little pressure on the outside of the ears after 1:30. I find it very comfortable nonetheless.

Are you satisfied with the cable (length, section, connector, etc.)?
To be a DJ headphone cable is really too short.

The headphone you seem weak or strong?
It does not look like that, but I did not do very well treated during my traveling in my backpack and never had any problems with the cables.
After about 3 years I have, foams crumble, suddenly the sound changes a bit. It is less closed than before.
Once broken, it's broken. Change the pads is very expensive. The cables are not detachable.

This is a headphone that gave me pleasure in my journeys. It is not at all neutral. I used to mix a compo, well it is not very audible ... Then I could have done it with any headphones ...
I find it insulates from outside noise.
The quality is not bad for the price. She gave me lots of good listening time.