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Not neutral, not detailed - Reviews AKG K518 LE

The other day I tried an Audio-Technica ATH-M50X. Not the same price, for sure, but the day and night in quality and comfort. It joins the AKG on the fact that also has good except in severe bump on the TA are more precise and controlled low in a useful ... word. The AT also has a pretty amazing detail.
In short, if you are looking for neutrality or comfort will go elsewhere, of course.
If your budget allows, go listen to the Audio Technica.

[edit: i just saw here this headphone is filed under dj headphones ... well ... well yes, it's probably fine for a dj, indeed, where the requirements are ... hmm, how to say ... to have bass and good insulation. otherwise, forget it.]

Well, I for half an hour listening to an Archos (Go 7 "tablet 250) 5 player ... not the best source, of course. A colleague lent me because I lost my ITE.
It insulates really well but bcp thanks to the strong pressure exerted on the ears a bit oppressive, and it was not long ago that I have on the ears. I regret my ITE.
The arch is made of hard plastic, no padding, and starting to get a headache. I have a big head and is at max, it's just enough for me no more.
I do not see myself supporting it for several hours.

Foldable, looks solid.

It is not neutral for two cents, I would say mixing unusable.
Mega bump in the bass. I had to cut a lot to the EQ and it's still painful.
The bass is present but not well controlled, it was like listening to a drunken evening on sub sound.
The highs and mids are clean, not tiring, but not for two or detailed under.