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User Review

Good headphones - Reviews Allen & Heath XD2-53

My summary on the headset:

I bought Thomann because the price was very interesting and using a Xone 22, I wanted to see what was worth A & H headphone. I mostly took on a whim, I have a Technics RPDJ 1210, and Xone I used a bit of everything, mix when I wanted to keep my best Technics pou watch movies / series, music listening on my phone, etc ... Sound is really clean. The headphone when the fate of the box does not inspire confidence but it is used and the confidence is there, foolproof this headset, I did everything with, I was carrying when I went to the bar where I mix am a resident, etc ... He never default and as I am a bit careful with my Technics, the A & H was perfect.

With hindsight, I regret not having bought but sold, though I prefer my RPDJ-1210 which is far more comfortable, it's a cushion this headset on the ear and has foldable ear at 90 ° unlike the Xone.
Lower sound quality at Technics and finish a little cheap (though it seems more robust than Technics), but a high-level headset. Two years with and I really regret having sold.

In what contexts do you use this headset (house, club, etc.)?

Home, bar, listening to every day

Do you find it tiring during extended wear (headband too tight, holding hot headsets ...)?

To mix, since we do not wear headphones on the ears constantly, it is nice, but when I used it to watch movies, series, along with the atria shake ears and hurt a bit.

His joints are they well designed?

They fold well and handling the headset easy, nothing to say on this side

What music do you mix with?

Tech-House, House, Minimal, Deep House.

Fits there easily to your head and your ears?

Yes ears, the headset will hold very well. The head is a different story, it is large enough, it is a headphone more suitable for people with a large head. Even minimal position, it was a little too big for me.

Its coatings are they pleasant?

In the long term, the atria rely too much on the cartilage of the ears and the headphone becomes uncomfortable after a while. In the mix, it was going very well.

Are you satisfied with the cable (length, section, connectors, etc.)?

The cable is one of the highlights, you can disconnect and reconnect it, very convenient for transportation. The size was plenty for me, anyway when mixing it rarely goes to 3 meters of the board or then just remove the headphone and move if we are not stupid.

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