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User Review

A great first pair of DJ headphones - Reviews Numark PHX

The Numark PHX headphones are perfectly designed for a DJ. They have a 50mm magnet high output drivers and close ear cups for isolation. They come with a travel case and have interchangeable ear pads that are made from velour and durable leather. I have known many DJ’s the said these were the best pair of headphones that have ever purchase that cost less than 100 dollars. I personally think they are probably as good as it gets for a beginning DJ who does have the budget to buy an expensive pair of headphones for his/her first time around.
These have a detachable cord, it comes with three cords one shore, one long and one coiled; every single one of them is detachable. It is very easy to fold these up when you are not using them or for storage and transportation. You will not have to worry about them getting damaged because of how flexible they are and the case that they come with is silicone and very protecting of the headphones.
The sound is very good, if you are a DJ who is into playing Top 40 club and dance tracks than these headphones are great. I can tell you that I have heard many dance mixes in them and they sound great. These headphones are more for DJ’s though and not studio use because of the exaggerated bass on the low end. The highs and lows are clear but of course the bass is very heavy mainly because the DJ needs to feel the music before he mixes out for everyone to hear and these do a great job of that.
Numark has many headphones and I have used just about all of them over the years and they provide great products and great customer service. You can never go wrong with purchasing from them because of the quality they provide. There are also some headphones that are made by Stanton called the Pro 2000 S and they are very similar to these and maybe just a little cheaper!