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User Review

Cheap and Great - Reviews Numark HF125

The Numark HF125 headphones offer you a whole new side of listening to music and DJing with them. They are cheap and their sound and comfort ability are great. The Numark HF125 have a great sound and a very vivid bass sound. These headphones come in some Numark DJ sets and are also sold individually. They are also pretty much noise-canceling as they separate your ear from the outside. Maybe not as well as more expensive headphones, but these do a good job at it. What could be improved about the Numark HF125 is the look and appearance. These headphones look unappealing and boring but when you get to use them, that trait doesn't matter at all anymore, but as a selling technique, the appearance could be altered to attract more people to buy and use these headphones. The value of the Numark HF125 is amazing. They only cost about 20 dollars and they offer you great quality sound for you to listen to music. The main difference between these headphones and the expensive, Bose or Dr. Dre Beats is really the price and look. All of these headphones have pretty much the same sound, except maybe the expensive headphones have better padding to create more comfort ability and noise cancel. Before trying these headphones, I tried the Apple default earphones which were obviously much worse than these since these have padding to keep the bass sound and the low frequency sounds vivid while in the Apple earphones, the low frequency sounds just fade into the outside. You should definitely but these headphones if you're looking for good and cheap quality. The expensive headphones are very good-looking and comfortable which makes people buy them more than these headphones even though there isn't such a big of a difference. Buy these headphones for the lowest price imaginable and for great quality sound.