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User Review

best under 100 - Reviews Numark Red Wave

The Numark Red Wave headphones are made for DJ’s! They have a very sleek and stylish design, and they come with a carrying case so you can fold them up and put them in to protect them. The carrying case is a soft case though that will just protect them from scratches. When using these headphones you wont hear hardly any outside noise which was a huge problem with me on several different headphones. Using headphones in a club to mix with are very important and having ones that have a closed cup design are a must have. The Red Wave headphones are also very comfortable and you can wear them for hours without getting irritated or wanting to take them off.

The Numark Red Wave headphones come with two adapters, a 1/8 and a ¼ so no matter what your connection input is you have an adapter to get to it. Most of the headphones that I have used that have similar sound to the Red Waves cost almost 200 dollars and these cost less than 100. The areas where the headphones fold are metal, most all of the other headphones in this price range have plastic chassis (where they fold). These headphones are better built than any other headphones that I have used under 100 dollars. These are a great buy, and they are very loud. The highs are clean and crisp without being piercing to your ears, and the mids are clean, and the basses are amazing. No muddy sound with the bass, it is full and thick. If you are on a budget and want the best possible headphones that you can get for under 100 dollars, these are the best and you must try them out. I have used a lot of different Numark headphones but none in this price range except for these, and it makes me wonder why I would even have higher priced headphones with the way these sound.