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User Review

Must have for DJ's - Reviews Pioneer HDJ-2000

The Pioneer Dj HDJ 2000 are a pair of DJ headphones with a closed back. You can fold them up for easy storage and travel use, they also have a swivel to them (mainly for DJ’s). The sound with the HDJ 2000 are very clean and they block out external noise very good. I have had a chance to use these on multiple occasions and every time I use them I think about purchasing them. If you are a DJ then these are the best ones for the price that are on the market. They are 350 USD and worth every penny!

The Pioneer DJ HDJ 2000’s are very rugged and can take some drops, spills, and anything else you can imagine. They are built tough and built to be taken from place to place. They are very comfortable on your head when worn regular and even in swivel mode (DJ style) they can be very comfortable as well. I have wore these for over 2 hours one time and when I took them off I could barely tell that I even had them on my head.

The Frequency Range is 5Hz-30kHz with a sound level of 107dB. They come with a carrying case/soft pouch and a ¼ plus adapter. The cord that comes with it doesn’t seem to be very long though, maybe only 3 or 4 feet long. It would be nice if it was a little longer for studio use (if you wanted to use it for something other than DJ gigs).

The Pioneer DJ HDJ 2000 have a big and warm sound, with great balance between the low and high tones. The low end still has that punch that I like without it being too sloppy and the high end tones are really clean and crisp. The mids are ok, nothing to really be too excited about though. But when you hear it all together it sounds very clean, I suggest all DJ’s go out and get a pair of these, if the chord was longer I would recommend all studio engineers to also have a pair.