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User Review

Well finished, but the sound is lousy ... - Reviews Pioneer HDJ-500

I for one month, just in a hurry because I broke another, but it will clear quickly!

I tried and owned many headphones, either low-end or high-end, and issue sound quality, Sennheiser some 20 or 30 €, even without being clear, are more pleasant to listen ...

This is unfortunate because otherwise the build and finish are good, it is quite practical in its handling, visually beautiful and relatively comfortable (but this is not a circum aural)

Obviously I do not have that choice (done in an emergency) because of its poor quality, and there are no other words ... I have never been so disappointed by a headphone. ..

PS: I put only 4 to its finish, design, practicality and durability.

The headset is quite comfortable compared to the look it gives.
It has an adjustable headset for convenient mixer, but is still not as practical as HDJ1000, 1500 or 2000 on this point.
Question cable is excellent and well made: a right cable and a spiral cable.

The headphone looks solid, I have not long but bought used.
It has a detachable connection with bayonet, so no risk that the cable is detached.
Today it is like new, short finish worthy of the brand.

This is where it's gate ... It's just an eyesore on almost all frequencies ...
Treble do not rise enough, shine from time to time and may even saturate short time ... it's not terrible ...
Mediums are not clear, even a little yucky I think, and not leave enough (that said, as being better for the quality ...).
Serious is the icing on the cake: It drops low enough but it's very round, it resonates, ca crushes mediums so it appears ... In short it's not worth much ...
And spatialization: no record! It was almost like listening to mono!

Geeks understand: when I listen to a finished piece and another that is not mastered ... I almost do not see the difference! I rediscovered music as if I was listening to an old transistor (biensur I exaggerate, but it is the image to remember ...).

I listened to music on dozens of different headphones and prices, and this is the first time I find it unpleasant ... So it serves to mix the time to get a real headphone ...

The insulation is not too bad considering the price.