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User Review

niafron's review - Technics RP-DJ1200

Value For Money : Excellent
So I use this headset on a daily basis in recent months in portable listening (when I'm tired and do not want to hear my music, or sleeping ^ _ ^) and mix.

Before I had ITE, Sony headphones dj low range that I farted in strength to leave lying around and on the desk, Sennheiser PX-100 and a Porta Koss.

The feature I like most? Perhaps his strength, that of a friend was bitten by a big dog who mistook him for a toy, there are the teeth marks on the plastic hoop, but it's amazing how he resilient, strong hyper ^ _ ^ mine drags sometimes thrown into my backpack without any special care, I had a chance but the headset must date from 2004 :-)

It is also very practical, the headset can not only turn but also bowing to a little over 90 ° and remain stuck in this position voluntarily, they can also bend to take up less space. (I have the model with the non-twisted cable).

This RP-DJ1200 is the headphone that gave me the best sound so far (actually in my memory it is mainly that of the headphones I quoted above). I love listening to my mp3s with it for hours and found the sound excellent, the bass is really good better than the headphones mentioned before.

It is a bit expensive but why buy a player for several hundred francs (ipod by accident ...) to leave with a headphone that is worthless, so cheaper is better.

The headphone is 6 years old and still works without doing shit, (I had to change the jack, loose connection, torn ...) in my local music store and it did cost almost nothing and like it pro headphone if there is ever a problem they can order me a room and fix it.
Having experienced the sound quality of the RP-DJ1200 and if I needed another new:

After reading the reviews on the net I would go straight into a store to listen to headphones, compare and make my opinion of myself, we can speak with real people. lol

To note and as I know I'll put 8 to snitch, it's pretty 8 ...