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Ultrasone has better - Reviews Ultrasone Dj One

Ultrasone DJ One headphones cost 189 bucks , they can be folded for storage or travel needs. The plugs are all gold plated. The frequency range with the Ultrasone DJ One headphones is 10Hz0 22,000 Hz. The highs are very clean and wont give you a headache after listening to them for multiple hours. I have used multiple headphones from Ultrasone and the highs have always been a problem for me, some of their models have a piercing tone to the high end of them and it makes it unbearable to use them for more than 20 minutes. With the Dj One you don’t have to worry about the highs at all, or mids and lows either. The sound is very clean and warmth on the low end. The headphones are very comfortable to keep on and wear for long periods of time.

The Ultrasone DJ One’s are well built and will lost you a good amount of time, you will get way more than your 189 dollars worth when you use these in the first few months. When it comes to using them for DJ’s I am on the fence about it. At times I don’t feel they block out external sound that well. It just depends on the space that you are in, if you are in a bigger club then they are fine. But if you are in a smaller club or a smaller DJ booth that’s when the external sound becomes a huge issue. I had to stop using these for my shows just because I couldn’t take it sometimes, it was almost hard for me to focus on mixing in the next songs while I was hearing a bunch of “club noise”.

If you take them off, you wont have a hard time finding them in the dark, the logo on the side is white and it kind of pops out at you in the dark or with club lights flashing. I do not regret using these headphones because they are very good, but if I could do it over again I would have spend my 189 elsewhere because I ended up not even using them for DJ’ing.