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User Review

Tof012004's review - Behringer CMD MM-1

Plug and play, no drivers to install. All plastic, but relatively tough and pretty anyway.
I used it maybe a year fairly regularly, at home or in the evening. Knobs and faders are of adequate quality and look to take time, maybe a little soft for having a really nice touch. Always in touch, the buttons are rubber knobs, pleasant enough, if somewhat smaller in diameter if you want to quibble. From memory, there is a "center detent" a notch in the middle of the race in order to feel zeroing the knob (other controllers such as the VCM600 do not have that and frankly it lacks). But for the price, and the scarcity of controllers that replicate the config of a mixer, no complaints! To summarize, we must not forget that this is not a midi controller and a mixer to use.
The thing that does not fit into the time is screen printing around the faders.

With regard to potential problems (and possible solutions :))
* Communicates on MIDI channel 5 (maybe channel 1 for the first series produced). This can not be changed, and can cause problems to use several on the same computer. Apparently there would be a chance to get an answer by asking a firmware with another port twelve o'clock directly from Behringer, from what I've read on forums.
In Traktor, it's not a problem because the controller is recognized by the USB port it is connected (it is not necessarily useful to have 2 in traktor, but in any case it is possible!). In Live, it requires establishing a control surface by CMD, and find or write the script that suits their needs. Or circumvent the problem by installing another middleware type yoke twelve o'clock.
* Another concern config, the buttons only send Note On (or CC I do not remember but the problem is the same) between 0 and 1, not from 0 to 127. This is not a problem in Traktor, but it is a problem in Live and forced to go through a remote script to use them, or even once a midi software such gig that translates MIDI messages.
* Config last concern, the two top buttons are always lit, no way to control the LED by noon.
* Lack for me, a meter per would have been welcome. It is in the process but it is a little less comfort.
* Do not walk that plugged in. At installation it is always time and cablasse more. By organizing themselves against a little, with the integrated hub this problem could become an advantage. Probably only a little fiddling in (goodbye warranty), there can be powered directly by the USB controller sacrificing the hub.

To summarize, great controller for the price, and also because there are few other controllers that resemble a mixer at affordable prices. It is not perfect, but his problems are bearable or circumvented.