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User Review

A Very Happy Surprise :) - Reviews Behringer CMD PL-1

I use it for 2 months now.
I try several Controller and CD Player Dj Type
My first try on a table was on the Torq Xponant.
Remember that bad!

Many have told me you're wasting your time, Behringer is the *****.

I still decide to try it, the shots I love the endless encoders with LED and I liked the jog wheel and pitch.

The purchase was made without incident although I struggled to find one in Canada not too expensive!
Since Behringer not distributed in small quantities with a vague schedule.

This made me doubt the quality of the product but ultimately no huge worries did not arrive.

I uy Moog Audio
(Open box)
lacking the USB cable, Software manual and box!
You be the judge of good service from the dealer! lol
At least the product was there

for comparison I have two SCS.1Ds Stanton and Vestax VCI-400 SE with Dj Techtools

Buttons (-) is the less affected than those of Akai and Launchpad
Novation / Focusrite, must be pressed firmly.
(+) Two colors for the backlight buttons. Blue (for a change) and

The Jogwheel: (-) this is just to say that there is one, is at the latency and still
the need to be difficult or stupid to complain. At C $ 67 (€ 45) should not
expect more.
(+) Very nice touchdown on metallic dessu.
(+) As most of the other controllers, two control pouvent be associated
Deck: (+) Runs with a button that makes the rotation of the 4 decks with a diode
Enlightening the number Deck underway.
(-) The negative thing is that the numbers are small Decks

Hotcue Button (+) Fortunately better quality than the other buttons.

Pitch Fader (+) Very well thought out with LED indicator, it reminds the actual pitch if there is a
delay with the software. So no need to motorize Pitch Fader as SCS.1d
(-) A bit difficult to understand for a novice but decent midi programming.
Encoder 8x: (+)-encoder without end;
(+) Push-button;
(+) Ring Led rotary. Normally are found on equipment and average
high range. Yes good encoders is not so expensive, but at
LED indicators thereof, is not given. just 8 LED indicators on
Sparkfun is $ 15 each so 8 is $ 120 double to I
pay for the controllers!

Computer: (+) I did not experience any connection problems with my MacBook Pro (2011)
Works very well with Traktor Pro and Ableton Xtreme Mapping

Attention users tap Button'','' you do not like this controller because of the robustness of button.

Behringer is NOT the Pioneer Considering that if you have the opportunity to try it you will notice that Behringer made a good product if it is only the affected keys, which to me does not matter .

Value for Price:
if the touch a little hard not important to you (like me) you will find that it is a bargain (pay C $ 67, 45 €). Because it is not amazing but it fulfills its functions.

At this price I'm trying to buy me another CMD PL-1 accompanied my VCI-400 SE, Vestax, on each side of the latter.