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User Review

Top notch! - Reviews Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8

Already a user MK1 S4, I found the perfect interaction Hardware / software.
All the functions meet the finger and the eye (with screens)

This S8 compiles more or less the functions of a 2F1 S4 but with a "quality" a cut above.

Hard to explain but the faders and various buttons seem more "solid" to the touch.
The "face plate" also appears in metal or other alloy which gives a slightly more opulent appearance (compared to the S4 / S2)
The fader / cross section of the mixer seems (for security forces not tried) removable independently of the rest with screws (which augurs a replacement easier said faders)

The setting of the cross cut is effective.

Some small features are nice to use:
- Activation buttons on / off filters that allows "brutal" change filter
- Post fader effects ... finally! (The effect lasts fader down)
(on the other hand it does not seem possible to have them in the pre listening? Or I have not found ... shame)

Personally, the lack of jogs and pitch fader does not really bother me because it is used with timecode mk2 so it is missing on the turntables ...

The screens are TOP!
Very good definition, one has access to the most important information (browser, effects, tempo, key, waveforme etc ...)
Sensory knobs are also excellent:
example, when a key parameter effective, indicating a band appears in all the parameters of the screen top and therefore before the eyes that is modified.
Ditto for loops, touch the buttons and the loop length that you are about to engage appears.

Level, it's all good too, the dynamics are excellent (good opinion on ... as never having to have external sound card quality thus not disappointed)

Yet not really disappointed with my investment.
Some will say "expensive for a controller" ... not wrong, but given the opportunity offered and what appears to be quality ... I would not worse (than many other products)

A look back in time and "intensive" use.