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User Review

Perfect! - Reviews Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8

I just bought the new Platinum Native there one week. So I did not test everything (even-if I spent a lot of hours). My opinion is a bit biased by my lack of experience with the S8. However, the first impression is often the right one.

Previously I had different plates, the last was the S2 from the same manufacturer as the S8. Suffice to say that it takes a real slap in between.
First, it is more robust, it is actually much less gadget. The finishes are very nice, all faders, pad, seem solid.

One of the great qualities is its compactness. Having tried the Pioneer DDJ-SZ many times (certainly not the same software or the same machine), when one travels often we are glad to have the S8. Which is easier to carry and offers the same qualities (personal opinion). Maybe we lose space between decks, fader and the rest but it is minimal.

One of my biggest fears was the famous screens. It was a little double or quits. In fact, their record is very correct. It should be noted that they do not touch, but there is a "hover button" to access the library computer. Personally I do not regret the touch. (Then the price would have been different too! ^^)

The second issue with respect to these two displays was their utilities. This is true of a logical point of view if there is always the computer and open traktor. What are they?
Personal well when we play live we gain greatly. First time since he happens to have the computer almost face to be and it's always annoying to not see the audience. And even if it is on the sides of the room view is lost, the head is rotated regularly. We often have our eyes on the computer. With two screens, the computer maybe three miles instead of platinum, we are focused on gaining technical and interaction with the public. Especially you can see all the actions that we do with the two screens (it is on the remix decks, effects ...)

Novation Twitch tried with the proposed deck without a jog. This was more less a failure, I think native has reinvented the Twitch. Even this is not the basis of them. And probably more people today is close to separate jog and of course the S8 offers superior comfort for Twitch.

New features are, Freeze mode already on the traktor / Ipad, which was sorely lacking on the other decks. Attention now the S8 is not compatible with the software on the iPad. I hope that day will come ... ^^
But also more than jog, so beware I think this issue is personal to all amateur or professional DJ. For me, it's a long time I did not serve me jogs on a plate, especially because I did not have utility. And it is true that suddenly I was forced to invest in other devices to expand the number pad present. With the S8 space jog removed, allowed to add space for additional pads. The strip is very functional. For pitch bend can also use the TEMPO in the center of the deck that offers more comfort to evolve its BPM.

And especially the remix decks. I found the interest of Traktor in this options there. But so far the run with the S2 or S4 was always a bit complicated. Now they are integrated into the S8 a real extra comfort and above all it allows to change his live.

There are all outputs, RCA Jack or via the XLR. It's nice. And little more: the headphone output jack available in 6.35 or 3.5 jack. More fear when the adapter is not found! :) The sound card deck has a very good made after each sees fit in its own way.

As I stated I would rather have no experience with the S8 required to review more developed. For day by day we discover new features and we learn.
So yes it is not in the "FUTURE OF DJING" but we are in very, very good for native. For the price, it is certainly expensive, but compared to other brands that offer similar equipment we are in a decent rate.

I am very satisfied with my purchase, I do not put the maximum score because I did not test everything. (And also because the flights Cases (S8) are virtually impossible to find now).

I returned it! : D