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User Review

Excellent product very pro - Reviews Numark Mixdeck

I bought the MIXDECK United States because it was not yet available in Australia where I live now. Only U.S. $ 700!
I have CDJ500S CDJ400 and who remained in France with my cd's.
I also had a Hercules DJ.
Having brought my Macbook and a good portion of my CD's encoded I was looking for a configuration that would approach coupled with the CDJ 400 Traktor. The MIXDECK was on paper the perfect solution.
Upon opening the box I am pleasantly surprised by the strength and weight very cohesive unit, XLR outputs for Master + 2 other outputs + Master booth. The trays are very nice and much better than those of the CDJ 400 with games starting to exasperate me.
Effects management and integration as a controller is perfect, we mix in exactly the same way as CDs, USB and MIDI controller. There is a feedback in the plates such that the length of pieces of guidance cue and pause playback and all the LEDs are operating normally in midi mode. However, attention to certain keys, iPods and hard drives that are not supported.
I had a breakdown the other day which was due to ground slightly disconnected which allowed me to open the plates and appreciate the quality workmanship that is surprising.
I thought the iPod dock useless gadget, but it can help to connect the music with a buddy before mixing or recording.
The table has only two track and I'd rather have a third rather than the iPod dock.
the external transformer is very well designed with an outlet and an anti chouco standart disconnection.
I use it for some months and am still very happy, very solid, very reliable and pushing creativity oily section indeed very comprehensive and intuitive and comprehensive section loop too.
For $ 700 the price is incredible value compared to CD400 for example that are well built but do not offer the same effects and the same control Traktor.
Caution, however, the version of Traktor LE is limited to 8% in pitch which forced me to buy the update to traktor pro, it takes a roughly $ 130.
I would do without hesitation that choice, in my opinion one of the best controller of the moment that is more capable of playing CDs.