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All of a large almost ... - Reviews Numark Mixtrack Pro II

Value For Money : Excellent
Bought used in perfect condition - first live test this weekend - this controller does the job it is asked that is a mix control software on your computer (Mac or PC to your personal preferences;-) J 'I was lucky to find one in good used condition and thus pay 130 instead of 190 for about nine ... What I would say is closer to a fair price in terms of manufacturing quality up to 150 euros is a bargain ... After there are good points, and others that will make this controller a limited purpose for more intensive use. Side good points: the integrated sound card required for release of your mix otherwise you have to add a card is still external connections .... Another positive direct supply USB from the computer, jogs wheels which are well made and easy to use. Large translucent rubber keys have robust enough air time. The lighting in general on this controller is functional and pleasant. The rather interesting dimension generous enough product to not obstruct the operation of an order to another and not too bulky to carry I can do hold a laptop computer bag XL format (genre 17+ / 18 "). Well now the negatives because if necessarily at this price do not dream either eh ^. ^ painted plastic potentiometers are of average quality. faders and pitches seem super fragile despite proper adjustment travel. And the worst I then open to all friends frenzied mix of molten cross fader is super fragile and with no resistance sort something that serves me correctly activate the pre tuned for the next track which is not his primary function of course. Good for the price you get a controller that holds, and I think a little less than a Vestax Spin Quincaille but not expect a something more upscale. It is a product that is compact and little help in many cases but for molten mix you will need a more professional product to the risk of turning this unit toaster. It was a bit long but if it can help people hesitating to choose what type of device. Musically Yours!