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User Review

Bad - Reviews Numark Fusion 494

The Numark Fusion 494 was very expensive when it first came out, I remember it cost right around 100 dollars , at this point I don’t even know why I purchased it. Because it really wasn’t as good as I though it was going to be. I only used it for about 8 months before reselling it, now I am all digital and do all mixing in a computer program. I was never really a fan of the 2 channel mixer with the Fusion 494 either. Everything with this package was built pretty cheap.

It has 2 different loop points on each player and I think 3 stutter starts. Plus all of your basic stuff like pitch range adjustment and built in tap tempo beats per minute counters. This is a cool package for the beginning DJ who is getting into CD scratching and blending but at this point in technology you mine as well go all digital and forget the CD scratching. There really is no point in taking a step back to use CD now. If you are going to get this mine as well just become a vinyl junkie and go retro, it would be way cooler.

In my short time using this, I realized that CD scratching wasn’t for me. This system right here is what made me go all digital and start working with just software. I can say that I am glad that I did, because the world of software is so much more advanced and you can do things with it that you can do with CD turntables and definitely not vinyl turntables.

Do not buy this, just go out and get a good DJ mixing software and start from there. This is pointless now. Stay away from CD turntables. They are out of the game at this point. They where in the game a few years back everyone jumped on them but they are no good now.