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Gemini CDJ 700 Review

Everything Becomes a Standard... Today, every DJ gear manufacturer wants a piece of the control surface market. That's why Gemini decided to introduce now a versatile, fully featured CD deck. The CDJ 700 is a very appealing product with a look that recalls the Pioneer CDJ 900 — plus it has almost the same features and a much lower price. Let's check out if the newcomer can compete with Pioneer's leading products. read more…

DJ-Tech U2 Station MK2 Review

Station to Station How about mixing MP3 files without a computer? That's the goal of the DJ-Tech U2 Station MK2... read more…

User reviews on DJ player products

Turntable For a Deserted Island (Stanton Magnetics - STR8-150 New Look)

By djqbert, 28/09/2016
If I had to pick one turntable to have in my studio for the rest of my life... it would have to be this one! Reasons: 1. It has a reverse button which I need when I'm experimenting in the studio. 2. Short straight arm for less skipping when I'm skratching all wild and crazy. 3. Extra wide pitch control range, which is nuts important when I wanna mix whatever. 4. Built to throw off a building... I asked the creator of the table at the NAMM Show, and he said one of his goals was to make it as strong as a tank, and he tested multiple table prototypes by dropping them from a two story window, and finally this version wouldn't break. Kinda overkill to me, but this definitely gives it an edge over the all in one plastic Vestax tables like the QFO that I designed. Anyways, this Stanton table has everything but a fader... maybe one day, they'll make one like that... and you could throw it out of a building too ;)

Erros de projecto !!? (Pro-ject - Essential III Phono)

By Álvaro Alexandre, 14/08/2018
Comprei este aparelho para uso caseiro
Contaxto normal
Sim já testei
PRÓS: Sector áudio acima da média com capsula ortofon OM/agulha ortof.10
Mecânica simples mas eficaz na precisão
1-Erro de posicionamento; o do braço quando este na posição de descanso,a tampa quando fechada bate bate no contra-peso de ajustar da força de rastreamento.
2-O motor/tração e o Pré-amp.áudio estão posicionados na extremidade posterior da base,e o seu peso tende a desnivelar o aparelho, por o centro de gravidade estar desfasado da linha do centro do prato giratório.
O aparelho é um tripé, com pés de borracha flexível e na base do pé um feltro macio.:bravo:

Outstanding Turntable For The Money (Numark - Pro TT2)

By Mike The Country Musicologist, 23/10/2018
I have owned a Numark Pro TT 2 since 2002, using it almost daily, since (It is October, 2018 as I write this). I got mine for a bargain price of $175, including a cartridge, as it had been a display model for a store that was going out of business. I don't do any hip-hop or scratching type stuff with it, I have strictly used it for normal purposes; listening to music, as well as copying several thousand records for burning onto CD's or making MP3's. It's sturdy, reliable, have never had a minute's trouble with it. I have used the Technic turntables at several radio stations I formerly worked at; I'd argue this one is very comparable in performance and quality. I can honestly think of no negatives about this machine!

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Published on 01/24/16
Numark has introduced the CDMIX USB, a dual CD player with USB ins to allow mixing from up to two USB keys.

[NAMM] Akai BT100 & BT500 turntables

Published on 01/23/16

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The top budget CD decks for DJs

Published on 03/08/16
The top budget CD decks for DJs
Even if DJs are turning more and more towards immaterial formats nowadays, it's still useful to keep a good old CD player lying around, one that can play back normal Red Book CDs as well as those sta…

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