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User Review

dtdfedoras's review - Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 6

What technical specifications motivated your choice? For what purpose? What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)? Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DtDs ...) you use the connection and how? * ... What motivated me: the reliability of the software by tracking the crateurs, the possibility to attach any sound card or use those of CDJ400 (converters), the trsractif forum, a rponse within 24hrs most of the time, the skins tlchargeables magnificent site when you have a purchased version


Installation is no problem it? Have you experienced any incompatibility? Gnrale The configuration is easy? The manual is clear and sufficient? * ... Absolutely no problem encountered with the software provided you have a powerful machine at least intel core 2 duo 2 ghz - 3GB of RAM and 320 GB hard drive from Dell (MODL vostro 1310)


What is the configuration of your computer? (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk / sound card ..) The software works he correctly on this configuration, what is its performance? (If quantifiable) This software + hardware configuration is stable? * Bugg with no hardware cit above because a hundred mix the benefit anne


How long you use it and what is the particular feature you like best and least? Have you tried many other models before acqurir? How do you report qualitprix ? With the exprience, you do again this choice? * ... I use it since version 3.0, this software is for me since version 5.0 PROFESSIONAL and trs is largely if not better than its competitors (serato, scratch live and other - I did not risk ries with other programs but I saw them run in evening especially serato) VDJ 5.0 is absolutely everything a DJ needs to know if NO BUGG config powerful cue 8 points 8 loops of up 32 time master tempo possibility to quantify the curve itself even tempo total compatibility with the CDJ400 and DAC3 (both couples = terrible !!!!!!!) skins tlchargeable the samples easily use and implement the possibility of sauvegader his mix in real time all functions can be dclenches via the keyboard I find that vdj 6.0 with a DJ in audio8 native sounds better serato that dedicates its interface with and without that we can use the converters CDJ400 and it also works great but I like to keep the personal audio outputs of the CDJ400 available for the cd and use vdj6. 0 on the Audio 8 DJ is to enter a program that MRIT 10/10 because it is not more expensive ... However, I would put 9 because I find that the effects could be even better