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What do you use - and why? - forum DJ Software

Hi all,
I just wondered what dj software people used on their machines and why.

I use Traktor as it provides me with a comprehensive interface, precise beat matching and all the other tools I like to use when I am playing music

i started with dance ejay 3. then moved to 5 and then i got reason 2.

after 6 months i got reason 2.5 and dance ejay 6.

i use reason 2.5 because it has no limit to what i can do. if you like it you can make trance, hip-hop, dance or even classic.

dance ejay is too easy and has no respect. if you go to label guys they'll kick you in the butt. reason gives you big respect.

i also use sound forge for creating sine waves for beats and mixing my guitar recording into a track.
Hi everyone. I'm an american dj that has moved to Poland. I have always had my cd's made by someone else there because the company I was with did things that way. Now I want to do a few things. 1. I want to make a cd at my house either from a tape or from my turntables. How do I do this. I'm using P.C.
2. I want to start making my own music from home. I have seen some of the freeware stuff,but I need to know other sites and other programs. Where to get them and what to do to make my tracks into a final product.
If anyone can help please private message me.
hi dj theexpress

have you tried cubase sx
its a nice program from Steinberg
I use DSS DJ for mixing and Soundforge 7 for editing. Thinking about Vocal Construction kit also. Anyone know if it's good?
I use Traktor cuz it's real detailed and has a nice interface. Especially with the mixer/turntable you can get for it, makes everything a lot easier and more professional. Not to mention the whole setup is relatively cheap considering how professional it is.

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