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What is the best DJ software for customizable auto mixing/play?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently using Virtual DJ 6 for Windows. It has a customizable autoplay function, but fades in and out of each song as it crossfades (one of the options). Is there another DJ program that can customize this a bit further, such as when a new song starts, have it as full volume? Or customizable cue points. (Probably missing a setting in VDJ).

I'm not a professional DJ, I mostly like having a playlist to listen to like my own private radio station, I know it sounds much better doing it manually deck to to deck as it's much more customizable.

But wondering, as I said, if there were programs where you could tweak this setting a bit more than VDJ.

Its really nicea and awesome..

You can try this program! It's professional and always allows you to achieve high quality output as you desire.
You can also try these DJ freeware this URL: http://listoffreewar…ware-for-windows/
UbaidAF, thanks for the suggestion.

i use FL studio and recommend it :)
Quote from LucidSamples:

i use FL studio and recommend it :)

Sorry, I am a noob in Djing, just got my controller. We can use FL to DJ??

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