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User Review

Anonymous's review - Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio 3

For tech cara I was looking for a real prog "pro", I mean no useless stuff, features realistic, not running hard ;-) Anyway a prog that serves evening for dancing and not for I show a nice software Koike class is in the twilight of the governed ... But hey
The selection was done with the demo limited to 30 minutes: poke and more than enough to realize if "the feeling passes or not"
For now no remote mouse is enough! I do not Scratch. A gamer like me a fast and TRAKTOR3 mouse is designed so no prob.

My PC is an AMD64 unboosted it turns nickel BUT ATTENTION TRAKTOR3 when running close everything else like internet etc ... otherwise it pollutes the mix (de-sync etc.) unless my bike pedal at times but to be honest when I'm running at home TRAKTOR3 are other things that load current still ... In terms of allocation of memory space I put the max. This explains that. In the evening it will be him and that he


The install? No worries if we take the time to track messages. The update utility with NI goes well. Such, read the display and let your impatience in the closet. fixes the update stuff but ok to start a drive prob message appears every time ... A click on continue and I have not seen any impact of this problem, so I pass.

It's a real book this manual. It is super detailed and IS FRENCH! It's so rare! He also translations in the text to the English expressions because the menu software is in English. I say shame but with translations of the book no worries. And it's not English university that is very basic. Except to find a special feature not need the manual in the near future.

The prog is intuitive desire and philosophy is very traditional for a PC used to the environment and the mix on several decks because there are 4 assignable even to readers of my PC (decks C and D are for that) convenient for guests discs.


Gaffe the settings on the RAM! But we do not make an omelette without breaking eggs ...
Mine runs on XP SP3: RAS! It is also made to Vista from the site NATIVE INST ... Verified by another user ... For now I'm happy with my config.
Anyway in the evening you do not pollute with unnecessary progs so the RAM will suffice but if you use a lot of memory with effects loops etc. need to experiment before the big night. But after that I made him do it good! 4 loops with effect from 16 beats on 4 turntables max both in sync ... He did not smoke yet ... mdr


For three weeks at 4 hours / day. I grinds, I look for the fault! Whether it is tile. It must be set at the beginning (the help manual if necessary) there are subtleties chiadées well cool. It runs with a sound card exter EDIROL FA-101: nickel out the 4 plates on a console

For the price I jumped at the OCCAZ when I saw that summer was on sale for 50% (€ 99) But I was still prepared to put € 250 because it's been awhile since I the watching! Such a product for € 200 or € 250 I think it's very honest more than NATIVE INST still has its precedence in the signal processing ... It's not the bleuzaille who tells it ...

VIRTAL DJ and other programs that run with hard ... It's true it also works since I started over there ... but that's what my soul, the wasting space with unnecessary visual
It may be pretty but instead they could have, as NATIVE INST think they work surface in a more "pro" and it allows for functional features more readable.
It is obvious that the designers of this crazy prog are or have been DJ or at least have been hyper sensitive to the needs of DJs because we feel the key business of ergonomics.

A remake? Oh yes, even without the promotion summer is totally hooked!

The demo is well done to try before you buy without worry.

I personally love it but the tastes and colors ... Otherwise DARK and takes this beast of compet available to enthusiasts as the regulars!

But beware TRAKTOR3 is not everything you need bumps anyway ...
Hula, j'te feel disappointed! Not j'rigole! Good mix, have fun!