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User Review

guigui37's review - Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio 2

- Its versatility, it intgre feature packed configuration and settings
- Entertainment mix on the net, mix accessories
- ASUS S5N Laptop, Intel Centrino 1.7GHz, 512MB RAM, 60GB disk
- Currently used with the Hercules DJ console, and not without difficulty, you really feel any custom settings for a configuration conf stable, certainly not with a latency wonderful, but it's still a. Waiting for twelve o'clock console worthy of the name.

it says it lacks two things:
* Midi out
* Effects


- Installation without any problem
- No incompatibility DTECT
- Trs configuration as sharp, so do not expect the easy but when you want something pro ...
- It is essential to read if you want to use the software optimizes Manir


- ASUS S5N Laptop, Intel Centrino 1.7GHz, 512MB RAM, 60GB drive, sound card intgre the hdjc
- Then the not simple, you really read the doc background paramtrer the hdjc in 44khz, increase latency asio, but hey, my centrino 1.7GHz configuration does not help, it said I got conf to the need for operating without a crash
- Uh? :-) We're going to say performance
- Once you have taken care to read the manual and make-configurations that are good, yes.


- Used for 2 years
- It offers many features and configuration options, it says it lacks:
* Out at MIDI, to see a meter or on a console bpm external midi
* Effects
- Yes, bpm ALCATech, vdj, things like a
- Unlike what many people say, I find the quality price ratio trs good, and it would be even if the two missing functions cited above existed.
- Of course! :-)