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User Review

just what is the best in this matter!!! - Reviews Serato Scratch Live

when I chose to the era it was to no longer having to lug around 200 kilo CD on my way home at 6am t capita 4th floor: you understand?
At the time I had a table and cdj 800 behringer with SL1.
config info: a I5 with 4GB of ram and 500gb hd.


finger in the nose. otherwise there is the french forum serato lol
12 while walking in 2second frankly not easy to put in work even for a computer anti like me (even when I brought the mix cd in case the computer crashed or pdt year: never needed)


Today I spent a video sl: asus I7 16GB in DDR5 Dual Card graphik nvidia and 750GB in 7200trs: result is a rocket


I use sratch live for 5 years and I went logically sl1 has ttm 57 and I have no regrets.
The +: customizable crates at will
sav for update
the side I plug in any rane install (sl1 TTM57 2,3,4, 62,68) and ca live in the same work set
all the rest has already been said
the - the price that hurts but is very quickly pays once your tame the beast
I had m44 with traktor, the special mix vibes but 2 is a default mageur: too heavy and attended. on scratch live is that you hold your sound, not the computer, and that's what makes all the difference between Serato and the rest of the world!!!!