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User Review

Enhance your set - Reviews Serato Serato Video

Serato Video gave me no compatibility issues when installing it on my computer. You can run it on just about any system or computer as long as you have a decent amount of RAM available. This plug in will allow you to sync up videos with your music set. This is only beneficial if you have video monitors set up with your rig or if the club has a video system set up that will allow you to show videos on. Most clubs do allow this, but some do not so you will need to beware before you purchase this thinking all clubs will allow you to do this.


Serato Video will allow you to use a MIDI controller to change things live and on the fly. Using Serato Video may take some time to understand, but once you get the basics of time coding the videos down you will not have any issues after that. It does come with a manual that can explain everything to you, it is fairly easy and the learning curve is pretty small.


If you plan on using this on a Windows PC you will need to have Windows 7 or higher for it to work properly. On a Mac you can use just about anything over OS 9. I do recommend making sure you have a lot of CPU/RAM to run it because it does chew up a lot of your CPU and if you are running a DJ program as well then you could run into some problems which could be the last thing you want if you are in the middle of a set or show. Overall, this is a must have for any live DJ. Add some monitors to your set and provide some visuals for your crowd. It will enhance the experience of your listeners and make your set that much more enjoyable.