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Classic mixer feel to it (MAC90I)

By JimboSpins, 07/10/2012
The Ecler MAC90 has 3 phono inputs, 5 low line inputs, 4 high line inputs, and 4 Mic inputs which was plenty for what my group needed at the time. Each individual channel has separate level and gain control , this mixer has phantom power in case you are using a condenser microphone and it has the option to turn of the phantom power in case you don’t need it on each individual channel.


Out1 , Out2, Rec1, Rec2 and Cue are the outputs on the MAC90I. The whole unit seems to be very well built and never had any issues with it, we purchased this model used at a great deal. Mac mixers have been around for a long time and we have been using many different models of them. The MAC 90I was one of our favorites that we have came across.


The MAC90I does not generate any hissing , and the EQ is very good. As long as you use the right inputs for whatever you are running through it you will get a clean sound. You can also rack this unit up if you want, I can not remember how many rack spaces it will take up though. But it does take more than 2.


The best part about this mixer is that it has all of the inputs that could need, no matter where you are pulling audio from there is an input for it. The MAC90I is very quiet and will last you a long time, all of Ecler’s mixers are great especially the MAC line. The price for this model is ideal for what you expect to pay for a mixer of this size and quality. I recommend anyone needing a solid mixer with a lot of inputs and wants more of that “classic” mixer feel to purchase the MAC90I.

Battle Time! (HAK 360)

By JimboSpins, 07/10/2012
Ecler HAK 360 is a well built high quality DJ mixer that cost over 600 dollars. The price seems high but you will get your money’s worth right away! It has a 3 band EQ and weights around 12 pounds. This mixer is gear more for the battling DJ. That is why it is so well built. This mixer is built to take a beating and keep working. The slider/fader knob is very well built, I don’t think it would ever break or cause a problem.


All of the basic functions are easy to use, they are right on the main face of the mixer. Everything is labeled, and if you understand DJ mixers then you should be able to use this without a need for a manual or with any help. I compare this mixer a lot to the Vestax PMC-07PRO. They have similar features but the HAK now cost less than that mixer.


It does not generate any hiss at all, in fact it generates no noise even when used at home for personal use or practice. It has 2 channel , 2 independent master outputs, cut switches, and 3 band EQ. Plus 6 inputs, 2 Line 1 Mic, 2 Phone, 1 session Mix. When you purchase the Ecler HAK 360 you will be covered by a 1 year warranty and replacement plan.


I originally heard about this mixer in a magazine a while ago. I found out that a lot of guys/female DJ’s where using this mixer to battle with in Europe so I got my hands on one online and loved it. I do still own this mixer but hardly ever use it unless I battle which is slim to none now because I just don’t have time for it anymore. It has a session input on it that will allow for a daisy chain setup for multiple DJ battle setups.

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[Musikmesse] Ecler EVO 4

Published on 03/15/08
Ecler presents at the MusikMesse 2008 the latest addition to their Evo series , the Evo 4.

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