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User Review

And there was light ... Beautiful and concentrated. - Reviews Contest irLEDFLAT-5x5QCb25°

After a few uses evening show and exhibition of contemporary art ... Nothing to say.

Good for lighting side curtains or walls (uplight for Anglophiles) and objects little we can put in shower; it does the job as soon as a tight beam is required (25 °) even in relatively large rooms.

The light is waiting for you, even the red is seen on a black pendrillon. Of course you have to ask him to do what it is designed, but "only" 5x5W, brightness is impressive even in saturated colors. The lenses of extraordinary clarity (compared to equivalent models of course) must be for many.

Nice surprise level colors: blue. Or more precisely the blues. The recurring problem of different blues from one device to another on such small projector has disappeared, at least to the naked eye. Important asset for the stage. For this use, another good point: the white LED that provides good service. By putting everything thoroughly, it gives a homogeneous projo cool white and not an ugly pale blue.

Too bad there is no version with electronic zoom, plus a filter holder that would be a marvel of versatility.
But at that price, honestly, there is nothing wrong.