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question about pots, namely 500k pots for a telecaster - forum Do It Yourself

I'm considering the 4 way mod that someone mentioned a while back. At this time, I'm not purchasing new pickups. Teles are notoriously bright and twangy, and thus typically use 250k pots. However, the 4th switch that comes with the mod, plays the 2 pickups in series, providing a slightly darker, humbucker-like tone.

I wanted to ask if it would be crazy to use 500k pots with this mod (i.e. would the other 3 switches be WAY too bright)? Has anyone here done this?

I made a Telecaster using the 4 way switch and a Fender "Nocaster" pair of pickups. They are not very powerful but musically very responsive, which I like. (You can always stick a boost pedal before the amp if you must add volts). Anyway I first dutifully followed the wiring diagram supplied by Fender with the 4 way selector and found there is mistake in their schematics to get the real series position. What gets me is that every brand just copies the same mistake. Anyway here is the correct schematics, with which you do get 4 completely different sounds. I used 250 kilohm log pots, it worked fine.
Thanks for the wiring diagram, but I think he was asking about 500k pots vs 250k pots :)

I actually have a telecaster with the 4-way mod as well as 500k pots. True, it's very bright when turned all the way up. But for me, the difference is I have more control than before.

Before, I would usually have my tone knob turned almost all the way up at all times, because anything below 8 or 9 wasn't very useful and sounded too dull. Now, each turn of the knob has a bigger effect, so you have more control on the tone and don't have to leave it turned up all the time.

Hope that helps. In any case, the 4-way made my tele do a lot more than country twang, so I love it!