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User Review

sanjuro's review - Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Powerglide

Iron Cobra pedals (w/double kick power glide hardware) are among the best bass drum pedals on the market.  I have never owned these personally but I have played them frequently and have extreme respect for their capabilities.  They are all around great pedals and I see them all the time.  TAMA has long been known to have extremely solid hardware, but the iron cobras really blew me away.  I was never a super double bass heavy player, but most of my friends that play double bass all the time all use iron cobras. 

The first thing I have got to say about these is that they are very smooth.  I am not exactly sure how they worked it out, because all the springs and connectors look more or less standard, but the pedal control is immense.  They are probably the best feeling pedals I have ever played, with both high and low tension being very comfortable.  They are easy to adjust and quick to set up.  Most models come with a case, which is extremely convenient, especially with the double pedal.  There is also a holder for the tuning key underneath the footboard, which is minor but still cool.  In my experience, the Iron Cobras are more prevalent in more progressive rock or metal genres of music.  This is probably due to the prevalence of double bass work in these songs, but also the fact that the beaters on these pedals tend to create a more compressed sound. 

The only reason why this pedal may be at a slight disadvantage is that it has slightly shorter footboards than the axis long boards or the high end pearl pedals.  If you are looking for a longer footboard, it should be no surprise that the Axis Long board may be the better choice.  Other than that, the Iron Cobra really pushes the envelope of great pedals.