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User Review

Excellent value for money - Reviews Tama Iron Cobra Twin Rolling Glide

Value For Money : Excellent
I used this double pedal for +/- 10 years. My first was an entry-level Dixon.
The difference with this one was in the balance (very good) between the flexibility of two pedals (for Dixon, the left pedal was very hard). There (Vait?) 3 different models: the rolling glide, glide and the power flexi glide. The Rolling Glide is probably the most versatile because his race is regular, without attacking the power glide. The pedal setting is simple. Small detail, but I liked is that the pedal is supplied in a box, which is very convenient for travel, it avoids the damage. Another very nice detail is that the right pedal, there is a slot for an adjustment key (which is also provided). So that you always have on hand a key to adjust the pedal (but once it is set, the more it is left), but also to change the skins of the drums, etc.
For the price, I think it's great. Clearly, you must exit 400 balls, but it was worth the money. This was my second double pedal but I kept it to the end and I still would if I had continued the drumkit. There is probably better, but (much) more expensive. So the value is excellent in my opinion.
A remake, I would take exactly the same, I have always been very happy. She followed me in all my concerts and never showed any signs of fatigue.