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User Review

It's BIG, but good for Led Zep fans! - Reviews Epiphone G-1275 Custom

Made in Korea
Laminated mahogany body
Flamed maple top
Heritage cherry finish
2 set mahogany necks, both with rosewood fretboards, 20 frets, split parallelogram inlays
1 neck is a 12 string, 1 neck is a 6 string
1.85" nut width
24-3/4" scale
2 Alnico Classic humbuckers for each neck, 12 string neck has covers
Chrome hardware
Tuneamatic bridges with stop tailpieces


This doubleneck is one cool guitar! It is based upon the Gibson EDS1275, which is one of the most iconic guitars in history, all because of the playing of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. In Led Zep's 1973 film "The Song Remains the Same", JP's Gibson doubleneck is prominently featured during the song "Stairway to Heaven". I've never played the Gibson version, but this Epi is quite a neat instrument. It weighs a whole lot - I feels heavier than my Country Gentleman I had, which was 12 pounds. I think this is in the 14-15 pound range, so it wouldn't be an all-night, 4 hour bar gig guitar.

It plays easily enough - all the frets are easy to reach. Workmanship is pretty good on everything, and the hardware is of better quality than the price would indicate. Tuning it can take a long, long time, however.


The sounds are where this thing excels! It is so neat to be able to have a 6 string for power riffs and solos, and a 12 string for jangly clean rhythms, all in one guitar. One thing I experimented with a lot was having the twelve string neck in an open tuning that fit the key of the song I was playing it, then having both necks active, and playing on the 6 string. The 12 string neck would sympathetically resonate in the correct key, and it sounded really neat, a bit eerie, and very exotic.


This is quite a cool axe if you can find it. If you can deal with the weight, size (the case is ENORMOUS), and time it takes to tune it, you've got a bonafide winner on your hands.