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User Review

"Mmmmmouais" - Reviews Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm

Boite a programmable rate, supply not included (buy in an otherwise hello consolidated unnecessary battery) output jack, RCA, noon, no xlr ...
Monochrome LCD to the old but effective.


Full of sound and parts are already registered, but I personally do not care what it was I wanted to create my own.
Ability to work sounds pads or create a soundscape, or a form of sound (sound shape), but not in direct (diffcult to judge the effect before saving ...
Ability to edit the drums, but also: big brainer, no "delete all" we must return to any point by point, the ability to copy songs over, but not just copy a "couplet" or "refrain" etc. in the interior of the piece, so if you want to add just a touch of a part (eg a shot charlet open instead of closed) must redo the entire game!! Stuffing! There is the possibility of "mute" certain groups of sounds (remove the bass, cymbals etc ...) but difficult to recall what has been prepared, when etc., especially when you have to manage a record or play along.


The sounds are good, sensitive pads so we can create good shades!
The rhythm is accurate with opportunities to create music alive and syncopated rhythms!


Musically it are not bad, we arrive at a result that sounds good, that groove!
Technically it is not very developed, difficult to use, super tedious! We lose too much time.
Anyway nice to create simple parts to learn the accompaniment, except for complex parts for models etc. take the model above (MAYBE?) By putting the price or you'll pull your hair !
Not the slightest interest for fans of electronic music!
Despite the quality of the results obtained is not worth 175 € because of its difficulty of use.
I wanted to introduce me to the BAR, the effect is crippling limit!