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User Review

Does the job ... - Reviews Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm

As I'm not very technical, I prefer not to answer these questions ... Moreover, everything is very well explained in the manual ... There is even a discussion forum


General configuration quite simple ... The manual provides sufficient explanation ... For editing sounds, I have not tested this use.


There is a little too hip-hop and techno for my use ... I would have preferred more years retro rhythms and music for social dancing ... on the other hand, there are quite everything we need to force the board 99 pre-recorded effects on the product ...


A little over two years ... trio (piano, guitar and bass) ... it replaces the "drummer" that we do not have ... I've used a Boss DR-110, which works fine but less sophisticated "sound-talking" that the new model used ... Pretty simple to use ... Not very expensive ... the price indicated in is relative in reality the price was 250 U.S. (drum machine, footswitch, AC adapter and shipping) from NY State, USA to the province of Quebec, Canada. sorry for the very time before answering ... a change of computer and recovery of my favorites and passwords has proven quite difficult!