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User Review

FP User's review - E-MU SP-1200

I really love this machine. its the only sampler ive ever owned so its all i know. its very easy to use and the sound is incredible. you can just about sample anything and make it sound good with the multi level functions. i gave it an 8 out of 10 because i really wish it had a cutoff filter. i know its only supposed to be for percussion but i dont think itd been to difficult to throw a cutoff filter on there, especially because snare drums dont need all that low end. other then that its a great machine and id recommend anybody who takes percussion seriously to add this to your setup.

Price paid

$500.00 usd


Very easy to use. hit a couple of buttons and you have a nice drum pattern.

sometimes it has a problem reading a disk, but it always eventually reads it. i prolly just need to get it professionally cleaned so i cant fault it.


Great sound!


Man, this is my baby. i love knowing that i actually have one given they're somewhat more dificult to aquire one nowadays.

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Posted by: Unknown (January 1-, 2003)