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User Review

Froggy NR's review - E-MU SP-1200

8 voice polyphony, not huge but more than adequate for efficient battery line, which originally was to be expected at the time.
Must be fake after the bike and start to pile more things and be aware of the taff of producers who have to return this machine.
3 types of filters can not be modified but effective if Equalise well as input, the attack on the low-pass is a bit boring I think.
Velocity control for the game samples.
For me the big handicap of the bike is the lack of a true "note off" internally, you can play on the restriction of polyphony for the worse.
A transmission channel twelve o'clock it also limits a little but Tomorrow's a bike that has its own use or even coupled with another sampler, in a large set noon it is less obvious to the master.


Super intuitive and fast, a different but equally good GPA; more limited since only one track in sequence but also the fastest time.
In fact it is a bike that forces hacking, both maintenance on its use or during sampling. If you put your hands in late and they took his ease with the latest gear and comfortable type MPC workstations or they will say it takes a little work, but he chewed it really pays back.
Small pitfalls of the charm of the bike, connect-disconnect an output for listening to the filter, or manipulate the fader on the console if you have enough lanes available. It's like choosing to change his vinyl on his plate rather than file in Serato, everyone to see, for me the analog side cling well.
A mention must also monitoring, mix-volume to zero when sampling to avoid being pinball, otherwise it will spit but it's clean when played.

A concern often met a priori is the problem of high-pitched sound on the pads blank or end of sample when it was emptied his memory erased or copied samples before (on the border to gun down if you bump the ear headphones ). After recalibrating the RT did not help. I had read about DXArmy it came from a borked OS. Someone was kind enough to pass a non-corrupted OS. Insatnt for the problem is that income reload the pads my samples made with the old OS, and even then had to manipulate a little before seeing the problem resurface. In short this is not something rédibitoire.


I have a Reed 93 and have never had the opportunity to use a gray, but already there we go into what makes the magic of this machine. I discovered yet because I had bought it down and it remained a good time for lack of someone to recover from applomb. (Analog-home repairs Lutherie; nine screen, condos output changed, changed op-amp for velocity, pads and buttons cleaned, re-calibration of RT. It finally returns like clockwork)

To use the key word is to test because it's hard to know how to ring once in a sample. Some drum breaks take a particular color rather unexpected, or you move away from what is really sought, it is overlooking all expectations, detune a shot and puts you a slap snare.
With time, we must surely begin to anticipate the report and even if it misses it can always give surprises to put aside Eto later.


Superb machine, although dated in terms of its functions is a bit hacker it becomes an incredible tool both for batteries, low, or create special tablecloths. The sound is very particular and did a lot of the charm of this machine. In my opinion it is anyway good premium, especially since they are rarely found without there being nothing else to do it, but right now it is a fairly general tendency.