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A former. - Reviews Korg Ddd-1

Line out
6 separate outlets (this is significant)
a line / entry trig which also serves if we have the sampling option.
a trigger output.
midi in and out.

What is full.


Simple to use with this system menu breasted table. It was all under the nose ... Some menu changes are neutralized during recording or playback, it is a shame since being positioned forward in the menu, you can freely change the settings ...

It is direct and intuitive, it is not lost in the sub menu ... Backups are done in real time. Once the habit is happiness.

The manual is clear, yes, although it is not necessary.


Okay here is the heart of the debate ...

It has 16 sounds in the machine, and Roma cards are expensive (in addition to being quite rare) to add some one more. Count large minimum 50 € for some samples, it makes money. With (more found) sampling card, one can certainly play. The original kit-the only one I have so-is very correct. The editing functions expand the panel, but it is not at all in the synthesis, care :) Pitch envelope, period. Personally, I think that sounds bananent well, for those who like a little grain 12 bit;

I also use it to trigger a TAMA (techstar ts-204) + claps kick analog module. And, it gets interesting. Outputs and therefore separate trigger binge effects by isolating the instruments, there's way to laugh :)

Then the sequencer of DDD1 also allows me to make quick loops with other BAR hardware or my VSTi in Ableton. Why? because it is super flexible and easy to program, and you can hit like a mule on the pads! Yeah, the one is not a Lauchpad or moldy keyboard of a volcanic beat the DDD1 is a tank that seems able to eat punches. I love it.


It's been a few days that I have. I like the object, its massive old school side.

There's only a few sounds in, and add costs a blind, but beyond that ... As sequencer and extra controller, if you added all feasible thanks to trig and separate outputs bullshit, it gives a sturdy and fun toy. At a time when the app is able to do almost everything and or hardware becomes affordable through a fragile medium and finishes, it's good for a chopper box for cheap that transcends time without flinching.

It reassures me. A former anything.

Repeat this choice? I keep it so.