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User Review

Extremely simple, play with beautiful sounds. - Reviews Vermona DRM1 MKIII

It is a module of drum sounds, you can play 8 different sounds. The hi hats are divided into two midi notes each, a sequencer can play at least 10 ratings necessary for the proper functioning of the drum / drum machine.
With the trigger option, you can also control the DRM1 CV with analog sequencer example or electronic drum pads (check for never tried). With this option, you are taken to "big jack" (sorry for the technical) to trigger / trigger sounds.
Whether sequenced afternoon or analog, the DRM1 produces sounds 100% analos.
You can also play with the DRM1 robust but, in my opinion, only serve to make editing or rather sound synthesis percussion keys of shapes, we did not play sees a concert like this !
The audio output level, you can use the mixer and adjust the pan DRM1 each sound and its volume. If inserts are used as the then separate the sound coming out its dedicated audio outputs not released by the master. Using inserts as separate outputs, you can of course always adjust the volume of each instruments / sounds.
I put a note for this machine that want simple in the sense that asked 8 sounds isolated sequençables and add a different effect (and external suddenly we really choose!) On each track / instrument.
The maximum rating is not because on one hand the perfection does not exist, and secondly I would have loved a chance to sequencing movements knobs by analog sequencer, a kind of insert each knob. .. Once you have had 10 DRM1!


The general configuration is it can not be easier!
For example, the first time you connect your DRM1, you turn holding two keys pressed (good), you play a key on the MIDI device connected to IN, the Vermona records the midi channel as the channel and note that as the kit, you press another button, the Drum1 is recorded, and so on. There is a trick to the hi hats, if you buy one you'll see!
This manipulation is more complicated with the Vermona, the first time it's weird after it is comfortable as *** (sorry)
Editing sounds is easy since you have to turn the knobs and press the trigger or a midi controller to listen to the sound / synthesis. Which is great in my opinion and are critical of some, is that if you turn off your DRM1, you turn the knobs, when you turn the sounds have changed ... Let me explain, there is no memory, no preset, you like the sound as you or the sample you take a picture of the settings, that's how! What is really the coup is that not afraid to take a leap of value every time you move a knob ... Yeah, it's free!
I have not read the manual for the tip choosing the midi channel, thank you AF. Should maybe I read to better understand the synthesis, but after we talk ...
Like I really knew what was this DRM1 I put him 10 as regards the use, it's perfect!


The sounds are vast, we move quickly to a fairly realistic synthetic sound very sound.
We can make him play relatively clean sounds like quite noisy sounds, there is often a white noise in the middle of the knobs.
I invite you to watch a nice good to see the settings for each instrument.
I speak of instruments for each note is actually a small independent real synth, synths and drum hi hats are doubled and that is, we want more ... Aileurs can complete his collection with a MK2 DRM1 that does not kick but three drums (against 2).
Retail sound:
- Kick: at first I could barely make it "that tape", it's good I got it! A long and gentle kick it passes like a TR808 to a hard kick like a TR909 or noisy or no longer a kick but a dirty noise ... short, it's great! Perhaps less punchy than my Jomox XBase09 but nicer, more muted but longer present.
- Drum: the most trippy and frustrating module because we want to have full power or edit knobs step by step. It is pretty tom of noise ranging from cow bell to powerful industrial sounds and as saturated.
- Multi: hard to use, a little kitsch 1 first. After we made it, we made the long module which acute severe or vice versa, or when lil clicks and dream of a nice friend who moves in hazar two three knobs, a sound so short it will not bullshit!
- Snare: it lacks a little bit of fishing and playing on his pitch. With separate outputs, the fishing problem is solved in terms of pitch, it is simulated by the filter and resonance (in my opinion). There's a reverb, it's stupid, it can be put with the insert and I do not like too.
- Hi hat: the white noise or a strange sound, going from one to another with the mix knob. The "funny" sounds, I dislike too, by against white noise is cool, it is a little torture with filter + resonance and voila! The decay is, in my opinion an important parameter here its course is not accurate enough in the short sounds, I rule 1 or 2 degrees in a range from 0 to 30 degrees, basically I'm still thoroughly left almost!
- Clap: such as snare, there is a reverb to me a bit pointless, say another parameter was, in my opinion, better. This sound is really nice, it can be relatively inconspicuous or very far, very dry sound, especially on the filtered table.
I wrote some negative comments, sounds are still very real. Their quality is not in question. They correspond to what I want to do, electro or dub. Yes they can sound kitsch, say they sound classic! At the same time, at the beginning is that research, a kick, a snare, a clap of hi hat and go good god.
I put a 9 for sound because I knew what to expect and you always discover something new.


I use it for 6 months, I think well enough to know I lack a bit of experience to fully understand some of the details but it comes. This machine is top of that, there are always new tricks, combinations of knobs that have a record that is mastered.
I spoke to make presets using photos, I do not do it, to force it holds!
I bought it after seeing lots of videos, to see if I liked the sound, I do not regret.
The value, if we add less than 100 euros for a type sequencer korg ER1 level, there is a beautiful analog BAR, so yes it's worth it!
No sub for a mixing desk, it does not matter as you inserts to put your guitar effects ... suddenly I had not, I have a OCCAZ effect to 30 euros from time to time and is a beautiful original BAR.
I like its simplicity, the fact that in doing what we want with a table, such as sound effects, equalizer, etc ...
I remake that choice and if I have room and sub maybe I'll pay a DRM1 MK2 because it is equivalent to the top!
I put him 10, it is always she who sent the first sounds when I turn on my soundsystem!