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User Review

FP User's review - Zero-G Total Drum & Bass

LOTS of different features in this cd. not much spoken word elements which is kinda expected... but all the vocals are almost ruined by the amount of reverb and other effects used on them. i didnt get this cd for the vocals, though. i got it for the drums.. and man there are PLENTY! the live drum patterns are very real. and by that i mean its almost as if youre in the studio with them, passin around a.... well.. you get the point. EXTREMELY well recorded.

Price paid

70 usd


There are so many different varients of drum sounds on this cd that its hard to give a 'quality' rating because a lot are purposely distorted... but ill say 9/10.. mainly because a few of the loops that i really liked have the cymbal ride that is impossible to take out and it ruins the rest of the break if you ever wanna use the drums in that break for something else.


With any sample cd youre going to have to cut and edit everything that you want to use, so im not going to penalize them for that... but like i stated earlier im really upset at the cymbal rides in a few of these loops because it completely marries the sounds together.

the quality of sound is just incredible.. its the only drum cd that i use.

i truely appriciate this cd. which is a first, because i was almost put off by sample cds all-together. i thought they were a huge waste of money because the creators would signature all the beats to their liking, leaving you, the buyer that puts money in their pocket, with zero room for creativity.. this cd was definitely tailored for us, the user. with enough edge and liveliness to get you amped up about it, but enough subtlety for creation.

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Posted by: eternalYouth ( 3-, 2004)