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Accessories for Drums & Percussion
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User reviews on Accessory for Drum & Percussion products

Remo Putty Pad (Remo - putty pad)

By MGR/Billy, 11/01/2011
The Remo Putty Pad rocks for two reasons: one it is a drum pad that you can make as big or as small as you like and two it is very similar to Silly Putty!

It comes packaged in a reasonable small plastic tube.

I received it as a free gift for attending a drum clinic at Sam Ash music in New Jersey.

It goes anywhere. Great for shows, home practice anything.

When not using it as a pad you can mold it like Silly Putty and it loosens up and strengthens your hand, fingers and forearm.

It will get dirty if it is not used on a clean surface. But they are cheap so it is not the end of the world to replace them. I believe they are $12 or so.

Cool neon red color. As it warms up you lose some of the rebound. It will grip, but not stick to a surface.

A cool invention for drummers. No need to carry a bulky practice pad around. This fits it your pocket and will take less than a minute to construct.

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Cymbag Cymbag (Cymbag - Drumset Pre-Pack)

By MGR/mtebaldi, 25/03/2011
Cymbags are microfiber cymbal sleeves that are made to protect them from dust, scratches, and their number one enemy, fingerprints. We drummers all know how our own fingerprints can leave permanent marks on cymbal, and the creator of Cymbags developed sleeves that are easy slip on and off, fit perfectly on the cymbal and on hard or soft cases. With them you will never need to touch your cymbal with your hands again. Preserving the beauty and integrity of your instruments.

I had the chance to try a set of Cymbags recently when I borrowed a cymbal set. They are not too expensive, but also not exactly dirt-cheap. A 14” Cymbag cost $19, a 16” is priced at $21 and a 22” retails for $29.

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I think what I like the most about the Cymbags is their very concept. Never touch a cymbal with your hand again. They definitely do the job they intend to do. It’s nice to have your cymbals “wrapped up” after your session at the studio, or protected while you are away, without having to store them in a conventional cymbal bag. Cymbals can be an expensive purchase and it feels that the Cymbag make you feel you care just that much more about protecting your investment. I like the simple things about the bags that may often get taken for granted, like how they fit just perfectly on the cymbal, and how they have a writable white tag for ownership claim.

The downsides of Cymbags are not too bad, and definitely fixable. First, it is not impermeable, meaning that if you drop a drink on them, it will just soak it up instead of shielding the cymbal. I’m not 100% opposed to the little ties that the bag is closed with, but I would like to see some Velcro instead. I guess the worse thing about the Cymbags is the shipping price, $15! You could almost buy a second one with that. To that point, for being made of just a piece of microfiber cloth that weighs barely anything, I don’t understand why shipping would cost so much.

The microfiber material seems to be pretty resistant and the sewing pretty strong. I guess I would need a few more months or ware and tare to give a more accurate review of its construction quality.

Overall, the Cymbags are a nice investment for those drummers who really care about conserving and expanding the longevity of their cymbals. They can definitely help keep cymbals looking new for longer and also offer extra protection when having them in a cymbal bag. To avoid overcharging for shipping when purchasing online, you might want to purchase a few Cymbags at once, since shipping is free when the purchase is over $75.

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perfect for hard rock or metal, but not much else (Evans - EMAD2)

By AndyPeters, 17/07/2014
The thing I like least is that with or without the muffling ring the head gives the most dead toneless thud. You could actually use a wooden box rather than a bass drum and get the same sound. This is actually what alot of people are going for especially with mic'ed up hard rock/metal gigs so I can understand the popularity of this drumhead.

So it is a 10 for that kind of stuff 0 for other styles in my opinion, hence 5 overall, not that is particularly fair because it is a style specific head.

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