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Toontrack EZdrummer 2 Review

NextGen Virtual Drums Eight years after releasing the first EZdrummer, Toontrack introduces version 2, which gently revolutionizes the virtual drum market. Far from trying to grow in terms of gigabytes, EZdrummer bets on the usability of its interface and, especially, the intelligence of its functions. The result: A good lesson to all competitors read more…

User reviews on Drums/percussion Toontrack products

JoeW1's review (EZdrummer)

By JoeW1, 25/03/2013
This drum pack works on MAC , Windows Xp and 7. No issued found while using it on different platforms like Xp , 7 and Vista.

The manual provided by Toontrack shares a lot of important information regarding the program and its features and effects in a very effective manner that allow the user to get right to work.

The general configuration is quite easy but it requires some time doe to the high size of the product that is sample based.

The typical functions are easy to access , very pleasant design , amateur friendly.


The software works good in its configuration , the level of stability isn't a problem.

I'm getting great performances in creating different grooves , beats and syncopations in my songs using this product.

I've been using it for about two years now.


What I really love about this product is the multiple microphone control which gives a better and more advanced perception in space for the listener , the stereo and multi-track routing is also a huge helper.

The fact that this library is based around real samples recorded in New York makes a huge difference due to its quality and real sounding drums.

You can also add your own midi files to the software or use some of the midi files provided with the product.

The humanizer function allows the user to create higher quality drum patterns that only a real drummer could.

My opinion about the value for the price is great , a very advanced drum tool that incorporates a very cool sound with different time features.

Precision and quality of the sound is extremely great , very good sounding kicks , snares and toms , love them.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this product if I'll need a drum pack.

Just awesome!!! (Superior Drummer 3)

By Tina Arkos, 15/04/2018
Toontrack has hit a homerun and dusted off the old virtual drummer rules.
Using it is a real pleasure, and the time gain when setting up an excellent drumset well played with all sorts of playing details is just incredible.
Setting up a complex pied is a real child’s play thanks to the TAP2Find and drag’n’drop. And I play fusion jazz – ‘nuff said about how demanding I can be in terms of complexity. The first drums part for my first track made with it must have taken me two hours on an AABACABA pattern! In “Song” mode, the tracks allow for as many different versions as you want: copy, change the content for something else, tweak it as you like! And, it all takes less time than a global company needs to move its assets to a tax haven! However, in case you’d need to modify some patterns (which is my case for some particularly complex parts), SD3’s grid editor is less user-friendly than Cubase’s to my taste. But it may be a question of getting used to it…
Another interesting and really great feature is the possibility to load the drumset and effects separately when loading a preset. This allows you to choose the best drumset for a said song, then to load the effect set according to what the song requires.
In short, I was an Addictive Drums addict and I’m proude to have gotten over it!
The cherry on the cake is the excellent MIDI packs, the last I downloaded is the “shuffle” one inspired by Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd and others. Awesome!
A small regret : the presence of only four hihats :( , however the four of them sound so good…

Addenda from April 2018 :
The more i use it, the more i’m amazed by yhis virtual drumset!
A tip regarding the Tap2Find feature: I used to enter the HH, SD and BD over the two bars, but since I play fusion jazz with complex rhythmic parts I had little results, so I was disappointed. But now, I’ve understood how to get the best out of it.
First: forget your ego and let go of that “ideal” rhythm you got in the spur of a revelation.
Second: take the general idea of the groove, e.g. the bass and bass drum are in sheer adequation, here goes the groove! So you just enter the BD and see what comes out of it. And, here comes the magic of SD3: provided you have enough and adequate MIDI files, you get a truckload of rhythm patterns that will make you realize how much progress you still have to make to reach the level of a rhythm genius.

The last piece I’ve produced using it is a four-part piece, featuring jazz, metal, jazz-rock and flamenco. Complex bars in 4/4, 7/4, 2/4 and so on! In approximately 8 hours, the drums were done!
The cherry on the cake, and maybe I’m going to shock mixing purists, I even used two drumsets on a same track: a jazzy SD3 one featuring a Yamaha set, and a friggin’ metal set right out from the Bob Rock Rock Foundry pack! The result just ROCKS HARD!!! Beware of memory issues though, and take care to avoid using two 3GB sets or you’ll see your 6GB of available memory disappear in a wink, hence limiting your use of plugins while mixing.

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30 to 40% off Superior Drummer series this month

Published on 06/01/16
Until the end of July, Toontrack offers 30 to 40% off on almost all of its Superior line products.

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