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Mapex Venus Series - Reviews Mapex VENUS SERIES

I have been playing for eight years and the Venus series was my first kit. I have used it in a number of bands including punk rock, doom metal (early playing), indi/prog rock, and finally in funk and jazz bands.

Picked this up at the local music shop for about $550.

First off, I can't say enough about the bass drum it has great sound/resonance for live gigs and often I use it instead of my 1976 Ludwig set's bass drum for recording purposes. Also, durability is a huge asset to the Venus series. back when I was just starting out and didn't know how to properly care for my drums in transit to and from gigs this set held strong and continues to do so to this day! Of course these days I know better than to not use cases and/or keep the drums in a hot/cold car for an extended period of time (it really pains me to of think how dumb I was back then).

The stock snare and pedal were trash. But after all you normally buy a set for the toms and bass drum (occasionally a good snare comes with but usually its terrible stock stuff). Replace those items and it sounded great (also replacing the stock heads with Remo coated ambassadors helped a lot). Also the tom mount configuration was quite cumbersome and eventually I just switched to a free mounted system (which I highly recommend).

Great, already covered that!

Great first kit too bad they don't make them anymore I would for sure buy one for my nephew. Great playability too!

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