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User Review

A gold mine of a limited edition kit! - Reviews Sonor Special Edition 505 Stage Set

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Bought new 6 or 7 years ago, it's a limited edition drumset that can no longer be found now (except on the second-hand market). The whole kit including cymbals and hardware was sold for around €550, which is €150 less than the lower end kit in that same brand.

For such a price, you'd expect low-end materials, yet not so much... Sonor really gave a lot with that kit. It includes:
- a 22x17 bass drum
- a pair of (12x9 & 13x10) toms
- a 16x16 low tom
- a 14x5.5 snare
(All drums are factory-equipped with Remo heads - I don't know which models but it looks like Ambassador).

A "Cast Series" cymbal pack, including:
- a 16" crash
- a 20" ride
- a 14" hi hat

It also comes with complete hardware with stands, pedals, stool and so on.

A standard kit, which is very versatile - and durable! I've had this kit for almost 7 years now, took it everywhere not always in the best conditions ans except for the drum heads which had to be changed the drums and hardware are still in good shape - to my utmost surprise.
The cymbals are not exceptional but they really do for a beginner.

As I said you can't find this kit new any longer, but if you have an opportunity to buy it used for a good price and its age doesn't deter you, then go ahead and get it!