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User Review

moosers's review - Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

The Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute is an awesome drum set designed for uses of all types. A studio session drummer recently brought this kit into the studio where I work on a session that I was doing where we tracked eight songs of drums in one day! It didn't take too long to get some great sounding drums, as these drums sounded awesome right from the start. He had the 6 piece version of the kit, and I would imagine that they come in a few different configurations. Like the name states, these drums are all made from maple wood and are as sturdy as they come. You can also get the Custom Absolute kit in other materials, or even mix and match different woods if you want. I'm not a drummer, but I've recorded enough drum sets to know which sound good and which don't, and this one certainly sounds great! It's definitely a professional's drum set, so I'd only consider it if you're recording and/or gigging a lot and have a good amount of money to drop on a top of the line kit. The overall sound of these drums is deep and full, with the snare being punchy and bright. You can get different sized toms I'm sure, but the rack toms that he had were 10" and 12" I believe. The Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute is really the perfect all around drum set for recording, as it can cater to recording different types of music for sure and isn't specified toward one style. Yamaha in general makes some of the best, and most affordable drum sets around. Whether you're a professional or a beginner, they've got something for you. If you're in the market for a great drum set, definitely consider the Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit.